Terms & Conditions

A WORD FROM SEAN: The core foundation of my studio is to create a fun, safe environment for you to be open in front of the camera and share your honest opinion. I encourage you to speak up. I have photographed thousands of people and have become quite good at understanding what you are looking for and taking the best approach to it. But this does not mean I can read your mind. Each and every person has their own personal vision of how they view themselves. My goal is to create a photo that you connect with. This takes a collaborative effort. There is an important distinction between a good headshot and a great headshot; a good headshot looks like you, a great headshot feels like you. This is your shoot so have fun with it and share your opinion.

REFUND POLICY: We do not offer refunds. The old way of getting photos taken was to see them after the photoshoot was done hoping you got what you needed. This is putting a lot of trust and a bit of hope into someone to capture a very personal image. If your photographer's vision does not match exactly with yours you can be left with a group of photos that may not be what you envisioned. Sean has taken a bold, distinctively modern approach to change all of this.

FULLY IMMERSIVE AND HANDS-ON: Test shots and the big screen: Tests shots are taken and displayed on our monitor or our impressive projection screen to show you exactly how hair, makeup, and wardrobe translates on camera before we proceed with each look. If there is something you do not like, tell us. We can make the immediate change to your liking.

WARDROBE: Test shots are made with each look comparing a few of your wardrobe choices. This allows you to make a calculated decision on which outfit is strongest choice for that particular look.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: The professional hair and makeup team working at Sean's studio are independent artists. Each artist has been formally trained and has years of work experience within the fashion, commercial, theatre, and TV/film arena. Many of Sean's work relationships with his artists extend years back. Refunds are not offered with this service.

OUTSIDE ARTISTS: Unfortunately, outside artists are not permitted to work in the studio due to insurance purposes and workflow standards. This does not mean your artist isn't amazing and we don't like them. The workaround for this is to have your artist prepare you prior to arriving. Once at the studio you can make any necessary adjustments.

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SPEAK UP: Hairstyle and makeup application is a collaborative effort. Style can vary greatly based on personal preference. Our goal is to get you camera-ready with a professional touch. Matching how you typically wear your hair and makeup is our goal. Your session is a safe place to make requests and ask for changes. Remember, this is your shoot so get it right.