Shoot Preparation


  • Your time is valuable so make it count. You can arrive up to 10 minutes early for your session to go over wardrobe options.

  • Late Policy: If you are more than 30 minutes behind your scheduled shoot time we may have to reschedule your session and you’ll lose your deposit.


  • You’ll want to wear a sharp outfit that makes you look and feel your best. Imagine you are attending an important event and dress accordingly.

  • Wear a one or two tone color palette.

  • Wear a jacket or blazer.

  • Darker jackets are more common and traditional.

  • Medium toned jackets are okay (for example, medium grey).

  • For men: wear simple ties and a shirt that is white or lightly colored.

  • For women: avoid sheer clothing, low necklines, and colored jackets.

  • Dominating patterns are distracting and must be avoided.

  • A steamer available at the studio to fix any wardrobe wrinkles.

  • Unless we have discussed shooting full lengths shoes will not be in the shot.


  • You’ll want to time any hair cuts, coloring, or styling so that you’ll look your best on the day of the photoshoot. You know your hair best! Keep in mind the date of our photoshoot when scheduling your hair appointments.


  • Your makeup should be light and basic, as if you were going to a nice function. In many cases, less is more. Don’t overdo around the eyes.


  • You should shave on the day of the session. I’ll retouch out any nicks or scratches if they happen to occur that morning. I can’t edit out stubble after the fact, so make sure your facial hair looks just right for the session.


  • Keep your jewelry simple and classy. Depending on how your hair falls, your earrings might not even be visible. We want the focus to be on you! Anything that’s not too loud will work great.


  • If you wear glasses every day, you should wear them in the photo. We can do photos with and without glasses if you like. If you have adaptive lenses that turn into your regular lenses into sunglasses, this may present a problem during our session. If you can, have the lenses temporarily taken out for the photo session.


  • Every professional headshot you see has been retouched and edited in professional photography software such as Photoshop - yours will be too! My retouching is honest and natural, and it doesn’t look fake. The editing process also ensures technical excellence for your image.

    • Retouching will include the following, as needed:
      Blemish removal, teeth whitening, stray hair removal, reducing age lines, minimizing circles under the eyes, evening skin tone.


  • If you would like an artist for your shoot please ask. All HM supplies will be provided by our artist. Please arrive with washed/dried hair and clean skin. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask. Let us know if you have any allergies prior to arriving. 

  • Doing your own HM Please prepare your hair and makeup prior to arriving. You are welcome to make any necessary adjustments once you arrive. All necessary supplies should be provided by you. 

  • Outside artists are not permitted. See why HERE.

  • HM Payment If you have booked a hair/makeup artist please bring a cash payment for this service. All payments, including hair and makeup, will be given to Sean at the end of your shoot.


  • The balance of your session is paid at the end of your session. You may pay by cash, credit, debit, check, or Venmo.

  • If paying by cash you will receive a 5% discount on the cost of your session excluding hair and makeup.

Please review the terms & conditions prior to your shoot.