Pro Headshot Retouching Lab

Based in New York City, Final Edit specializes in actor headshots and model portfolio images. Our team of international celebrity artists extend from New York to Lisbon.

Basic Retouching

Suitable for social media images where very low level retouching is needed.

  • Color / light corrections

  • Skin blemish, tag, stain, stain removal

Pro Retouching

Recommended for actor headshots and model portfolio. Special attention is given to produce high level retouching while maintaining a more captivating, natural image.

  • Basic services

  • Advanced skin balancing

  • Hair flyaway clean up

  • Minor wardrobe repair

  • Background cleanup and lighting adjustments

Premium Retouching

The highest levels retouching. Intended for beauty, high-end fashion or those that want the highest possible quality for their headshots or model portfolio.

  • Pro services

  • Skin perfection

  • *Image compositing (ie. switch heads from another photo)

  • *Wardrobe color change

*Some restrictions may apply

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Let’s get this out of the way…

A retouched photo needs to look like you. Not you ten years ago. In fact, a great retouched photo will never look retouched at all. We call it polishing your shot.

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The New York standard.

We operate out of what we consider one of the most competitive artistic markets in the world, New York City. Every image is finished to meet the highest standard of artistic quality coast to coast.

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Stop spending your day going to the lab to review retouching. Submit you orders, download your photos, and ask for revisions remotely from any place, any time.