What clothes do I bring to my headshots?!

What I typically recommend is to think about how many looks you will be shooting and bring at least two outfit ideas for each.For example,if you are shooting four looks,bring eight different tops as options.It’s always better to have too much than not enough.Sometimes clothing that looks great in person can read much differently on camera.Often,something that seems very simple or boring in the mirror will end up being the best choice for a photograph.In terms of the types of clothing you bring,choose clothes you love to wear;clothes that you might wear to an audition.If you don’t typically wear a button up with vest and tie,don’t bring it to the shoot! Just because you’ve seen other actor headshots with this outfit doesn’t mean YOU have to wear the same thing.The fact that you thought about using it likely means it’s been done a million times already.Be original and true to yourself and your style.Don’t bring clothes you dislike.This seems like common sense right? You’d be surprised.Make sure that you and your photographer are choosing from options that you LIKE.And finally,stay away from super busy patterns,logos,branding,or anything that might draw attention away from the main subject...YOU!

Sean Turi Photography