5 Ways To Improve Your Actor Headshot

The face value of a headshot is pretty simple - a great photo of your face. However, there is a handful of things that not only make your headshot great but marketable.

A good headshot looks like you - a great headshot feels like you. The difference of the two is a hairs width but it’s the difference of you liking and loving your photos. Your image should capture the essence and spirit of your personality. As an actor, you are adaptable and versatile so make sure your headshots reflect that. Have fun with expression, intention, and attitude so you can showcase all sides of your personality. Don’t worry about going too far with it. Be fun, zany, quirky, dramatic ,strong, sexy, spontaneous, bold, goofy. It’s important to push your boundaries. Even if you do happen to go too far out into left field, and the expressions feel forced ,trust me when you relax out of it and take a moment, you’ll find a nice happy medium .It’s better to go too far than to play it safe. Your headshot is your marketing tool, so make sure you prepare yourself with the necessary range of shots so that you are ready for any job opportunity that comes your way.

Top 5: 

1. Know Your Type

2. Wardrobe

3.  Lighting

4. Expression

5. Body Language