meet sean

I'm an advocate of risk takers and people of action. Think it. Do it. Make it bigger. No quit kind of attitude. I whole hardheartedly believe if you want something you can obtain it. If I didn't end up in the visual arts I would have joined the military. I'm a proud son of a U.S. Marine Vietnam Vet. I love extremes, my family, the outdoors, and I love to work. if you want something go get it.

I was raised in the woods of rural upstate New York. I collected chicken eggs, fed goats hay and dreamed of getting out of the sticks sooner than later and starting a business. Traditional education felt incredibly restrictive and limiting to me from an early age. Regardless of a few "learning disabilities" I have always had a blind confidence in myself. My passion at the time was to be a cartoonist. I knew that I was good within the visual arts and felt this was my ticket to out. In a way, it was.

I moved to New York City at age 19 with one mission; start a business. I was sidetracked into a modeling career earlier on which provided me with some great insight on being in front of the camera, but it lacked the creative control I wanted in running a business. The entrepreneur in me said I should open a photo studio instead. So I did. I bought a camera December 21, 2008. January 2, 2009 I booked my first shoot. 

My first "studio" was in the basement of a house I rented in New Jersey. I used to pick up my clients at the mall. I laugh at it now, but it is a quality I focus on never losing. Drive. I obsessed over my business and quickly developed it into a studio now located in downtown Manhattan. I have photographed over 1,000 people from name actors, models, CEO's, companies, universities, veterans, and so on. 

Life is awesome and I wouldn't live it any other way.